Who we work with

1in4 works with a wide range of community groups, medical experts, specialist organisations and individuals in order to meet the needs of the people we seek to help. Below are just a few.

We recognise that the route back to wellbeing can also include getting back on one’s feet financially – perhaps finding accommodation or work, or going back to college – and so we work closely with bodies such as Food Banks, Workchoice providers, schools and colleges.

We also know that a great many people with mental wellbeing challenges have learning difficulties too, and we will work with them to ensure they get the additional support they need.

If you feel that you could contribute to our work, in a paid for or voluntary capacity, or even as a supporter and fundraiser, please do get in touch. Equally, if you are a CCG, health trust or other body that would like to make use of our resources, we’d be delighted to talk!