One in four people will encounter mental health issues over their lifetime. It could be eating disorders, panic attacks, depression, self harm, compulsive behaviour, schizophrenia… or a host of other conditions.

Some conditions affect a person’s quality of life. Others can put their life on hold. And because mental wellbeing directly affects so many of us, it indirectly affects us all. That makes it an issue that we all need to understand – and know how to deal with.

Our role at 1in4 isn’t to “treat mental illness”. It’s to enable mental wellbeing, to empower people with mental health issues to tackle the challenges they face and move forward with their lives.

Our message is this: recovery is achievable. It’s never an easy road. Often it’s a long one. But every year hundreds of people walk out of our doors stronger than they came in.

So yes, we’re here to support people aged 16 plus. We’re a safe place to be. We understand the problems. But above all, we provide the people who come to us with the tools they need to get well… and stay well. And while recovery is a personal journey, no one is alone. Indeed, we work with a host of amazing organisations, community groups and individuals, all of whom play their part.

Longer term, we are also striving to remove the stigma associated with mental health – to encourage society to regard it as something that can affect us all.

On this website you’ll find out more about what we do, how we do it and who we do it with. You’ll also find helpful information on how you can do things for yourself and other people too.