Self Advocacy

Self Advocacy

Self advocacy is seen by many as the ideal form of advocacy. Practicing self advocacy skills in our daily lives enables us to demonstrate that we are the experts in our own experiences.

Self advocacy is a tool to empower the individual. When a person feels they have no choice, no voice and no control over issues that affect their lives, they can feel hopeless, powerless and dependent. Self advocacy enables people to regain power and independence through information and choice.

Self advocates are at the centre of the decision making process regarding their lives. A self advocate can voice their needs, request and assess relevant information and make informed choices about now and the future.

Self advocacy is:
  • A right, not a privilege.
  • A method of developing skills that assist you to make decisions.
  • Communicating your views effectively.
  • Founded on rights, information and choice.
  • Recognises that you should be at the centre of planning and choosing what happens in your life.

How do I become a Self Advocate?

To become an effective self advocate, we need to develop our advocacy skills base.

These skills include, information gathering and assessment, problem solving, communication and negotiation skills.

To help you obtain and improve these skills ‘1in4 People’ have developed a series of Self Advocacy Training Workshops. These workshops will enable you to build your skills and confidence to become an effective self advocate using our own unique Self Advocacy Toolkit.

Remember the key to quality self advocacy is YOU

Y — You are the expert in your life
O — Options, know what they are
U — Use the skills and tools that are available to you


When and Where

Dates and booking information will follow shortly, in the meantime if you are interested send us a request for information through our contacts section.