Unfortunately, 1in4 People's operations will be ending on the 29th of June 2018. From this date, we will no longer be taking calls or responding to emails. If you feel that you are in crisis and needs support please contact your GP.

Although this is a very sad time for the service, we have been informed that many of the current activities that we provide will continue to run through the development of a new provision, which will be managed by Second Step. More details to follow...

For information on services available to you, please go to our 'More Resources' page and click on 'N.Somerset Services for 1in4People SU's' link.


In this section you’ll find loads of really helpful information on the way we can help you, ways to help yourself… and how perhaps you could help us too! Read about our courses and some of the other people out there doing great stuff, plus links to accessibility tools.

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Lots is happening in our world at the moment, and also in the broader area of mental wellbeing. Keeptrack on what we’re doing at 1in4 People – but also we’d love to hear about and share your news, events or courses of interest.

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Here are some Apps that are free to download to your device that could benefit your mental wellbeing. Click here to find out more!

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If you need to speak to one of us, do please get in touch – by phone or email. If you can’t get hold of us right away, just leave your contact details and we will be back in touch as soon as possible. Promise!

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If you are sight-impaired you can download a free screen reader here.